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Engineering Explorer Post 1010
Engineering Exploring Program


Explorer Post 1010 has four engineering projects. Members may commit to be on one or more projects, but everyone must be on at least one project. Each project has about 8 to 10 members. The projects run year-round, but the serious time commitments (meetings three times a week) are around the tournaments and conferences. We have plenty of build material, and expect each team to build several competition models.

Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) - requires the students to build and fly a mid-size rocket to a specific altitude and return to the ground in a specific time period. The build and test starts in September and runs to qualification flights by April. If selected, the national fly-off is in May. Post 1010 has had TARC teams since 2005. We have had several teams in the national fly-off.

This year the rocket must fly to 800 feet and return between 41 and 43 seconds. It must carry two large eggs, and an approved altimeter. The booster must have a larger diameter than the cargo unit, and they have to return connected. Here are the rules for 2018.

We have two teams of about 5 members each. Samantha Steckel Is the support adult. We have already started to build rockets and conducted test launches. We have done very well in the past and plan to have teams in the finals in May.

TARC 2017 Web Pages
TARC 2018 Web Pages


FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) - requires the students to build, program, test and document a robot to complete scoring challenges. They use robotics kits from Pitsco, augmented with basic robot building material. Competition is done in alliance with another team, randomly assigned at first and then selected in the final stages. Operation is autonomous and then remotely controlled. Post 1010 has had teams in FTC since 2011. We have done well in the past and made it to the Maryland State finals every year.

Silvia Vidaurre is our adult mentor. We also have several local college alumni who help out. We plan to have one team this year, team 6417, with about 8 team members. We will have the game description on September 9. This year, we will compete in two or three qualifying tournaments. We plan to be invited to the Maryland state finals, and go on to the mid-Atlantic Super Regional.

FTC 2016 Web Pages

FTC Team

Botball Educational Robotics - requires the students to build, program, test and document two robots to autonomously complete scoring challenges. The robots are built out of kits provided by KISS Institute for Practical Robotics (KIPR). A regional kick-off workshop is held in February. The team has 8 weeks to prepare for a regional tournament. Post 1010 has had a team in the regional Botball program since 2001. We have won many awards.

In July, KIPR holds the Global Conference on Educational Robotics, an international conference and tournament (GCER). Post 1010 has sent a team every year since 2002.

We plan to have two teams in 2017-2018 of about 8 members each. We will reuse team numbers 160 and 161. Mike Moy will be our adult support. We plan to do very well in the regional tournament in April, and continue on to GCER 2018 in California in July.

Botball 2017 Web Pages

Botball Team

UAS4STEM (Unmanned Aerial System) - requires the students to build and fly a mid-size quad-copter through a competition course in a limited time. A team is limited to 8 members, who must complete an on-line training session from the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). The regional tournament is in late spring. If selected, the national competition is in August, in Muncie IN.

2017 was our second year to participate. During the spring, we practiced at the King farm farmstead. We traveled to Patuxent Navel Air Station for the regional competition. Our team came in fourth and went on to place fourth in the national competition.

With Tom May as our adult mentor, we plan to have another team compete in spring 2018. We will need to work hard to get back to the national competition.

UAS 2017 Web Pages

UAS Team

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