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Explorer Post 1010

Engineering In the Air

We flew in the The American Rocketry Challenge and the Rockets for Schools program in 2022/2023. Join us in 2024.

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We fly quad-copters in the UAS4STEM program.
We went to the national finals again in 2023.

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Engineering On the Ground

We build robots for the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC).
We went to the World Championship in 2023.

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We build robots for the Botball Educational Robotics
program. We competed internationally in 2023.

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We plan an Open House recruiting event on Saturday, September 9, 2023, 1:00 to 4:00 pm, at the Rockville Science Center storefront, 36C Maryland Ave. We will repeat it on Wednesday, September 13, 7:00 to 9:00pm. We hope to recruit new high school students for our engineering teams. If interested, email info@post1010.org.

Our FIRST Tech Challenge Team 6417, the Blu Cru, had a great year in 2022/2023. We did well in the qualifying tournaments and continued our success at the Chesapeake Championship in February, winning a trip to the World Championship in Houston in April 2023. This was our second trip to the World Championship in a row.

We had two teams in The American Rocketry Challenge for 2023. We designed, built, and flew rockets following the TARC 2023 rules. We finished our qualification flights and one team was invited to the national finals in May. We ended up 19th out of the 798 teams in the nation. We also participated in the Rockets for Schools program in Sheboygan, WI in early May.

Our Botball Team 160 competed in the Fall 2022 practice program and the spring 2023 program. We built and tested our autonomous robots following the 2023 rules. We did well in the regional tournament and went to the Global Conference in St Augustine in July.

We competed in the 2023 Uncrewed Aircraft System (UAS4STEM) competition. The 2023 challenge was similar to the 2022 program where we came in third nationally. We improved our drone and traveled to the national competition again in August held at the AirVenture Fly-In festival at Oshkosh WI. This year we came in second, losing to the first place team by one point. We are ready for 2024.

                    Policies and Rules
We have Behavior Rules and Policies that guide our program. Please review.

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